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Arnie is a wise old puppet from 
outback Australia. He lives at Arnie's Shack with his wife Doreen, and he loves getting 
up early to feed the animals
 on his farm. Arnie's favourite
 pastime is talking to God
 and reading His Word. Arnie is the host of the Arnie's Shack program.



Doreen is Arnie's wife, mother of Barbara and grandmother of Shane and Kelly, mother-in-law to Bruce.



Barbara is Shane and Kelly's Mum. She is also Arnie and Doreen's daughter. Barbara is married to Bruce.



Bruce is Shane and Kelly's Dad. He is Arnie and Doreen's son-in-law. Bruce is married to Barbara.



Shane is Arnie's grandson.
He is a very energetic and 
excitable boy whose favourite activity is going to the beach for a surf. He and his friend 
Ben are always learning 
important lessons from their



Kelly is Shane's sister. She is 
the daughter of Barbara and 
Bruce and granddaughter 
of Arnie and Doreen.



Ben is a young puppet who is good friends with Shane. They love riding their bikes, going fishing and going surfing. Ben is Shelly's brother.



Shelly is a young puppet who is good friends with Kelly. Shelly and Kelly go to school together and they also love singing, playing 
basketball and having fun. Shelly is Ben's sister.


Pr. Daron (Balloon Man)

Pr Daron the Balloon Man is another one 
of Arnie's good friends. He
 often visits Arnie's Shack 
to make Arnie a special 
animal out of balloons. 
Every one of his creations 
is an object lesson that 
teaches positive Christian values to kids of all ages.


Postman PJ

Postman PJ is Arnie's postman. He is a fun-loving and at times, clumsy 
postman who loves 
to get active outdoor. 
PJ will try his hand at any sport. However, his first love is to deliver the mail on time all the time, while sharing the love of Jesus with everyone he meets.


Ranger Hardy

Ranger Hardy is one of Arnie's closest friends. He is a curious character who loves to spend time in nature admiring God's creation. Hardy delights in protecting wildlife and caring for the environment.


Professor I.R. Wise

Professor is a very clever scientist who conducts experiments in his lab with his assistant Hans. Professor loves Jesus, and shares this with everyone, while he is working in his lab.



Hans is the assistant to Professor I.R. Wise. He loves helping professor with his experiments, although he sometimes gets a bit confused.